How This Student Attained Her Beach Body

The year was 2012, and Anna who was a first year college student at Harvard was thinking about going back to her hometown in Orange County in 3 months to spend the summer. She was eager to see her family and friends back home, but a part of her was hesitant because she knew that she gained a lot of freshman weight.

Anna tried on her swim suit and wasn’t satisfied with what she saw. Orange County was filled with beautiful beaches and Anna wanted the perfect beach body to go with the view.

Deciding to Lose the Freshman Fifteen

Anna then decided that she will only fly back to California if she was able to lose all the weight that she gained. And since she REALLY missed her family and friends, Anna had a lot of motivation to workout.

She consulted with her fit friends, and went to the library to do research on how to drop pounds safely. Anna found out that losing all the weight that she gained in three months was possible, and best of all, it can be done in safe and healthy way. (She was smart enough not to opt for quick fixes like surgery or pills.)

After gathering information, she drew up a fitness plan that details that types of exercises she needed to do and the kinds of food she needed to eat to lose weight.

Working Hard for the Beach Body

Anna got up at 5 am every morning to jog a mile or two before classes. After school, she headed to the nearest gym and worked out for 30 minutes every day. This exercise set up and schedule allowed Anna to balance cardio with weights, giving her a well-rounded body.

She also made it a point to sleep before 9:30 PM every day. After all, is she was going to wake up at 5 the next morning, she would need plenty of rest. Doing so didn’t just let Anna complete her morning jog, but she found out that getting ample rest each gave her more energy throughout the day. This allowed her to balance school, exercise, and her social life without any trouble.

Of course, exercising and sleeping early weren’t the only things that Anna did. She also made an effort to eat healthier foods. She stayed away from fatty, salty, and sweet products and instead opted to eat leaner and healthier foods. She swapped fried chicken wings with grilled chicken breasts, ate sandwiches on whole wheat instead of white, and bought herself salads instead of junk food.

After 3 months, Anna effectively lost all her freshman weight, and flew back to California. She saw her loved ones, went to the beach, and had a blast that summer. She also promised herself that next school year, she will continue to maintain her eating habits and workouts to ensure that she would never be ashamed to wear a swimsuit ever again.

Image credit: kaibara87 on Flickr

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