Weight Loss Programs: The More the Merrier

Going on a diet or weight loss program? If so, then consider asking your friends to join in. Doing so will be beneficial for all of you because it can pave the way for healthier and closer relationships between you and your buddies. Not to mention, embarking on something as challenging as losing weight can be made easier and more fun if you’re accompanied by people that you know and love. Plus, if you all hit your target weight goal, you can have a big (but healthy) celebration together!

Motivate Each Other

Motivation is one of the most important reasons behind getting your friends in on your weight loss program. It gives you a chance to be each other’s personal cheerleaders. Think about it, wouldn't weight loss be more fun if you knew that there are people on your side rooting for you? Wouldn't you be more motivated to wake up for a morning jog if you knew that your friends will be running alongside you?

If you’re all in it together, you can push each other to succeed and give pep talks whenever someone is feeling down. Positive reinforcement is extremely powerful and can really make a difference in your routine. In fact, the mere thought that someone is going through the exact same thing as you are can be enough motivation to move forward. Conversely, the thought that you’re alone in what you do can really dampen your spirits.

What’s more, having additional people in your weight loss program can also mean that there will be individuals who can “catch” you when you’re tempted to go back to your old ways or do something that will ruin your diet. Craving for a cupcake? Don’t go to the bakery just yet. Instead, give one of your friends a call and ask them to talk you out of it. Too lazy to go to the gym? If you have committed workout buddies on your side, expect them to drag you out of bed so you can work out.

Have Fun Together

You probably already do a lot of activities (i.e. shopping, partying, going to the spa, etc) with your friends; why not add working out to that list?

Another huge reason to let your friends join your weight loss program is that doing so lets you have more fun. You know what they say, “the more the merrier.” Doing a weight loss program together can not only bring you closer, it will also make those workouts and diets so much more bearable.

Of course, this isn’t to say that being work out buddies with your friends will be fun all the time. You’re bound to meet challenges (and physical pain) but you shouldn't let that stop you. Those challenges will not only make your physical body stronger, but if you all stick to it, you will see that your friendship will gain a lot of strength as well.

Image credit: mikebaird on Flickr

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