6 Steps to Effectively Lose Weight

A survey said that losing weight is the number one top New Year's resolution. But, how many people have actually made headway towards a fitter and healthier body? If only people succeeded in their fitness goals then we would not have a problem with obesity. Don't fall to the same trap and learn how to correctly lose weight using these steps.

Set realistic goals

If you think that you can achieve a six-pack right away then you are in for a surprise. Those abs are products of years of dedication. You cannot simply have those in just 12 months. Set realistic goals and progress when you have already passed by the milestone you have set. However, it is very important to bear in mind that you must lose weight the healthy way. Do not be a victim of those people selling magic pills that allow you to lose eight in no time. When you are aiming to lose weight, aim to do it the healthiest way possible.

Create action items

It is recommended to set action items to specific fitness goals. If you want to lose weight it is just a goal but not specific. To be effective you need to list down the things that you need to do to achieve your goal. An example action item is to do 60 minutes of cardio exercises each week for the first three months and gradually increase the frequency. Follow it up with some concrete lifestyle modifications that you have to do slowly but surely. On example would be to start getting rid of those junk foods, colas and alcoholic drinks in your fridge. These things will only become a hindrance to your aim of losing weight in a healthy manner.

Measure your progress

Tracking your progress is a great way to motivate oneself. If you can see results, it will only push you to do more because you can see the fruits of your labor. Measure your waist each Monday and record the measurements. Look at the progress that you have made and push yourself to achieve better results next time. Metrics are great in telling yourself that you are primed to do more or to exert more effort to achieve your ultimate results.

Make sure that you are able to achieve your goals

It is easy to try and shoot for the stars. Setting the bar high is the most common reason why people give up their fitness regimen. The fire on your belly could easily be extinguished when your goals are not easy to attain. Remember life is never easy. Don't make it more difficult but make sure you can easily achieve the goals you set.

Do the things you enjoy

Do not push yourself to do things that you hate. If you don't like to run then don't run. Make your workout enjoyable so you will not begrudge the act of working out. If you want to melt stress and anxiety away, you can try doing Muay Thai or boxing. These types of workout can easily make you lose the pounds and help the brain produce feel-good chemicals. This goes to say that your fitness and weight loss regimen must be according to your own preferences. If you prefer to do it all with a fitness buddy then that would be better. Thus, you will have someone with you to talk and laugh with while you battle with your stress, anxiety and all the difficulties brought about by your weight loss regimen.

Set a deadline

Without a deadline you will not achieve anything. Procrastinating will not help you one bit. If there is no set deadline you will not be motivated to attain the goals you have set for yourself.

The fact is that people tend to falter on their efforts to lose weight because they don't know how to do it. It is important to know when to start and when to achieve the results. This is the most effective way to realize your goals and finally lose those unwanted weight.

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Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years. He now dedicates his life in writing articles that will help people in coping with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression. You can read more of his writings at Calm Clinic.

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