Flexible Dieting Tips

Last night was a cheat meal night and I had a large pizza, 3 beers, 3 sliders, TGI Fridays brownie obsession and an Oreo dessert.

Luckily, my body does not bloat or rebound like it used to and that is because I don't have any food limitations and don't restrict myself to certain food sources. On top of that I don't limit my sugar or sodium levels.

During my cut, I am dialed in hitting my numbers daily and I utilize one big re-feed/cheat day once per week to keep my leptin levels in check and to help prevent my metabolism from adapting. For the crowd that knocks and trash talks IIFYM (flexible dieting) and doesn't believe in it, please tell me how your body responds and looks like post contest after you finally enjoy a normal pleasurable meal.

Not good right?!

Now, that is not because you are all of sudden gluten intolerant, which a lot of these coaches out there will feed you. It is from dieting down too fast/hard on too little carbohydrates and doing too much unnecessary cardio. On top of that you have limited your body from different food sources which has made your body ridiculously sensitive.

I believe in balance and planning.

Why not get in shape with no limitations and still eat healthy? Being in shape and eating nothing but tilapia and broccoli and doing more cardio than actual weight lifting is nothing to brag about. With some strategy and actual calculations you can get contest ready without limiting your food sources and tons of cardio.

By: Shawn

Shawn is the owner of the website SayNoToKeto.com and is inspiring others to follow along his path to fitness and a better lifestyle.

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