It's All About Portions

As far as weight loss goes, dieting and exercise will take you a long way, but the best way to drop the pounds and keep them off is by understanding portion control and the amount of times you eat each day. Boosting your metabolism will make the biggest impact on your body, helping you burn fat off easier so your workout and diet are that much more effective in the long term. Most people think that if they just eat healthier, that it will solve all of the problems, but that isn't necessarily true.

When you are trying to lose weight and you want to think about your eating habits, you have to consider the fact that your metabolism and body are much like a furnace. In order to keep the furnace working and the fire burning, you have to keep feeding the fire. Well, the same exact thing can be said for your body; to keep your body burning fat and your metabolism continuously working, you need to consistently feed it with smaller portion meals.

The advice is to eat 6 small meals each day -- enough to keep you from going hungry while having a positive impact on the way your body burns everything off. It keeps your metabolism going which will promote fat burning and healthy weight loss. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can eat big meals or whatever you want during those 6 times a day, but if you keep it healthy, keep it small and eat more often throughout the day, you'll be doing your body a huge favor when it comes to your diet. 

Image by Public Domain Photos on Flickr

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